Five Ways To Increase New Patients with Better Smile Galleries

September 5, 2019 by AACD Executive Office

By Andre Riley - VP Sales & Marketing, DoctorLogic

As a cosmetic dentist, there are many way you can market your practice to potential patients. SEO, PPC, retargeting, social media, post cards, and magazines are the most common tactics used to get a dental practice's brand known in the community.  However, one of the most impactful ways to brand yourself is to display smile galleries on your website.  

Before and after photos are very important because they are one of the two key factors that set you apart from you competition. Patients who are actively looking for a cosmetic dental procedure often make decisions based on both galleries and reviews.   

Consider the procedures involved in cosmetic or reconstructive cases.  Typically, these are your cash-paying patients who bring value to your practice and often time, act as brand ambassadors. Also, displaying your before-and-after cases online allows potential patients to see your work vs. your competition's work.  This enables you to establish credibility and build trust to new visitors on your site. 

"Patients who are actively looking for a cosmetic dental procedure often make decisions based on both galleries and reviews." 

The Value Behind a Smile Gallery 

Did you know that approximately 7 out 10 patients looking to have a cosmetic procedure won’t call a practice to book a consultation if they aren’t able to view before-and-after photos on the practice’s website?

In other words, the “look book” inside your consultation room isn’t nearly as relevant today unless all of those cases are on your website. Additionally, many dentists use the smile galleries found on their website during new patient consultations by using a monitor or large TV to showcase their talent. This allows them to pull up cases that are similar to the needs of the new patient and show how they have helped countless others.

This is also a good “best practice” because if the consumer wants to think about it before committing, they know that they can go back to your website and look at your photos again.


Patient Information

You don’t want to fully release the identity of your patient, but providing context around gender, age, and ethnicity on each of your cases helps your potential patients relate to your work. This is a good thing because it helps showcase your capabilities and they can see that you have helped others just like them!

Procedure Details

Help them understand what procedure they had performed. A patient looking at a before-and-after smile doesn't have your education and experience. With only showcasing the pictures, they don't know if someone had implants or veneers. Make it easy and provide some context. 


Explain what conditions someone had prior to coming to see you. Did they have gaps in their teeth, bad bite, cigarette-stained teeth, etc.?


Consider displaying two angles: a head shot so people can see the entire face/smile, and a close-up. If you have a difficult or complex case that requires the patient to visit you for multiple treatments, you could take photos for each stage of work.


Tell the story.You don't have to be an expert marketer and write a 500-word blog, but you can easily describe three key points so the potential patient can relate to your existing patient. 

  1. Explain WHY the patient came to see you. What problem were you solving?
  2. You don't have to Explain WHAT procedures you performed. What solution did you offer?
  3. Discuss that the patient had a positive outcome. What experience would new patients like to have? Explain that you can help them feel more confident when they smile, etc.  

This three-part storytelling is simple and follows basic psychology to selling. Patient had a problem, you had a solution, they had a positive outcome. You are helping website visitors connect the dots. This strategy is currently helping AACD members all over the U.S. grow their online presence, grow their inbound lead volume, and grow their revenue!

You don't have to If you aren't displaying your galleries online or if you only have photos and aren't using these five ways above to explain your work, consider signing up for DoctorLogic Smile Gallery Trial. You can sign up today and begin using our software to upload you galleries and describe your cases inside your website. The best part is - it's absolutely FREE for 1 year for all AACD members!
Are you ready to begin? Use this link to begin. 

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