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How Visual Communication Can Transform Your Practice

July 23, 2020 by†AACD Executive Office

Surely you want your practice to be different from that of your counterparts. But in an ever-competitive industry, whether it be through exceptional patient service or your stellar clinical skills, how else are you driving new (or existing) patients through your practiceís doors?

To no surprise, digital dentistry is reshaping the way dentists provide dental care. With todayís technology dentists are not only able to yield high levels of predictability and accuracy but it's making it easier to communicate treatment plans and options efficiently with patients and other colleagues involved. Some would argue that this is the most important part, getting the patient onboard with the plan.

DSDApp is a highly-advanced marketing tool using Artificial Intelligence to bring your patientís smile to life pre-treatment. With the power of visual communication, youíre able to show your patient the results of a potential smile makeover by using a frontal smiling picture. Thatís just scratching the surface with the appís true potential and multitude of features that aid in the treatment planning from start to finish.†

DSDApp has gone as far as bringing the smile design process to the iPhone. What once was a 5-minute smile design process is now attainable in just a few seconds. By transforming your smile design into the 3D design chair-side, you can achieve more predictable and accurate final restorations as well as reduce the number of appointments for your patients.

Not an AACD member but want to benefit from AACD's partnership with DSDApp? Apply now!

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