Immersive Mentoring: AACD Dental Dojo Advanced Study Club

February 22, 2024 by AACD Executive Office

Ready to take your dentistry to the next level? 

What is the AACD Dental Dojo Advanced Study Club?
A dojo is a place for immersive learning. Traditionally used in martial arts, the term literally means "place of the way" in Japanese.

The Dental Dojo is an intense mentoring and collaborative cohort community. The Dojo is an ongoing mentoring program that ensures members who are interested in the Accreditation process—or who simply want to advance their dental knowledge and clinical skills by studying advanced topics in esthetics—have the full support of their peers and Accreditation mentors to reach the top tiers of esthetics. 

What's Included When I Join?

  • One-on-one guidance from Accreditation mentors
  • Dojo Live events featuring extraordinary educators and insightful Q&A
  • Self-study courses to keep you moving forward
  • A private email distribution group where Dojo participants and mentors exchange ideas, tips, and trade cases  
  • Earn CE credit and network with your peers
  • Flexible learning in multiple formats

“ I am floored by the generosity of the Dojo mentors with their time and expertise…and thanks to those Dojo members brave enough to post their cases – I am learning from each of them.” - Sean Drower, Dojo member

This exclusive program is limited to 35 participants, so enroll today.


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