Introducing Renamel® BULKfill™ – The Amalgam of Composite 

Cosmedent introduces Renamel BULKfill, an advanced posterior composite bulkfill that is packable, sculptable and polishable. Designed for rapid one-step placement, this material rivals the speed of amalgam placement. Renamel BULKfill has 5 natural shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, and B1) that are not overly translucent like most other bulkfills but provide an esthetic match to the tooth surface. Three additional shades, (B-Zero, C3 and D2) are coming soon! Renamel BULKfill’s new technology gives you easy handling, an esthetic color match and a superior polish. Plus, it cures up to 4mm in 20 seconds with LED lights or 40 seconds with Halogen lights. 

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