Looking Under the Hood of a Modern Dental Lab

October 26, 2020 by AACD Executive Office

by Leon Hermanides, CDT

As the owner or manager of a successful dental laboratory, you'll need artistic skill, curiosity, creativity, and drive. But you'll also need an entrepreneurial spirit and attention to these four concepts:

1. Every business needs a leader: It is imperative that you have a purpose-driven leadership style in order to lead from a position of strength.

2. Build your brand: Without a recognizable brand, no one will know who you are. Dedicate proper time and attention to branding your lab and communicating your brand in simple ways, consistently.

3. Foster a team atmosphere: Every employee needs to be engaged through autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

4. Use metrics: Don't shoot in the dark--look at your marketing system using the CPR model.

For a deep dive into these four concepts and to earn CE, take the course, "Laboratory Dollars and Sense: Looking Under the Hood of a Modern Dental Lab," now on AACD CEntral. This course is for lab techs, business owners, and dentists who are looking to forge better relationships with their labs. 

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