4 Strategies to Outrank Your Top Competitors in Search Results

November 15, 2021 by AACD Executive Office

As a leading dentist with the qualifications and training to back it up, you of course want to see your practice at the top of search engine results.

Who wants to be invisible online when you’ve worked so hard to become an elite cosmetic expert?

In this article, you’ll discover four top marketing strategies to help you outrank your competitors and capture the visibility you deserve.

1. Manage Your Online Reputation

Reputation is crucial in a digital world. There are multiple sources where reviews can be left about your practice, or you as a practitioner. The ones that carry the most weight for SEO are Google reviews and Yelp reviews.

A key point to remember is that it’s not necessarily about how many reviews you have, but rather how often you are getting them, and if you are responding to them on a regular basis.


2. User-First Content

The biggest takeaway here is that it is not about how much content you have, but rather what kind of content you have. Writing a comprehensive piece of content that covers every single technical aspect of a procedure is likely NOT what your average patient is after.

What DO patients want?

The vast majority of users who visit your website are looking for answers to their questions, like “How long does a crown last?” or “Does getting veneers hurt?” By
marketing with authenticity and creating content that matches the intent of your searcher, you will naturally rank higher than your competition who is focusing on the ‘what’ instead of the ‘why’.


3. Invest In Backlinks

If you and a local competitor have two very similar pieces of content and they are ahead of you in the rankings, it could be related to links.

Backlinks are still one of the largest pieces in the organic ranking pie. I use the term ‘invest’ not because I want you to buy links (not the best strategy by the way), but because your backlink profile is much like an investment portfolio.

The more quality links from quality sources you get, the faster you will see your rankings compound. And the effects of a higher domain authority score won’t disappear. Yes, you may lose links here and there for a variety of reasons, but overall, your portfolio will continue to grow as will your rankings. Having quality content focused on the user (see point #2) makes it much easier to grow your backlink profile.


4. Focus On the Experience

You and your staff are dedicated to providing an outstanding experience for patients in the practice. Does your website and online presence reflect that?

Page speed and the overall experience users have with your website now plays directly into where you will be placed in the search results. Things like NAP (name, address, phone) consistency and local SEO, while still important, are not as crucial as the overarching total experience your users will have when visiting your website.

Your dental website design must be clean, well-thought out, fast, and easy to navigate, or your users will end up at your competitor’s site instead.

How Does Your Website Compare to Your Competition?

If you have a sneaky suspicion your website doesn’t match your AACD expertise and training, request a website audit and competitor analysis from Roadside Dental Marketing (it’s complementary for AACD members!).

Roadside’s expert team will take a look at your website – both the front-facing user experience and the more technical stuff, your overall online presence, and the competitors in your specific area, and will compile the findings in a brief video.

Request your free audit and competitor analysis here.


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