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Tips on Diagnosing Cracked Teeth

September 14, 2020 by AACD Executive Office

by Jeffrey Lineberry, DDS, AAACD

Want to learn more about cracked teeth and how you can diagnose and manage them? 

Cracked teeth sound pretty straightforward, right? Sometimes when we remove old restorations, we find decay and cracks. Though they aren't causing any signs of discomfort for the patient, cracked teeth can't simply be ignored...so what do we do with these teeth? Do we attempt to correct the cracks? Are they deep? Does it need a crown or a root canal, or should we simply extract the tooth?

If you are looking for some clarity on how to treat and manage different kinds of cracked teeth, then you won't want to miss "Cracked Teeth: Diagnosis and Management." This course is included on AACD CEntral with your AACD membership.

Here's a preview:

Members may watch the full course and earn CE here. Not an AACD member yet? Apply today.

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