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AACD Accreditation & Fellowship

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AACD Accredited/Accredited Fellow Members can provide your group with quality education that is unique with the dental profession and are listed below in orange and blue. The AACD encourages our educators to share their knowledge of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry for the advancement of the art and science of dentistry. Those members listed with an asterisk and highlighted in blue are "sanctioned educators" that are trained to speak to the details of the AACD credentials. These educators are equipped to provide technical expertise to groups seeking Accreditation education. To obtain a credentialing educator, please contact the AACD Credentialing Department at credentialing@aacd.com for more details.
  • Speaker will not state that their lecture is an AACD sponsored, supported, sanctioned, credentialing or official AACD course (unless contracted for a credentialed sanctioned event through AACD)
  • Speaker can use their credentialed logo with their bio
  • Speakers can state their credentialed status
  • Please promote the AACD and the annual scientific session within your presentation, utilizing meeting or marketing footage
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Jenine Arab O’Malley, DDS, AAACD                 
J. Fred Arnold, DMD, FAACD*    
Jeffrey Babushkin, DDS, AAACD Restorative protocols for ultimate implant esthetics, implant provisionalization in the esthetic zone, hands-on course or lecture.
2 - 6 hours
Elizabeth Bakeman, DDS, FAACD*    
Mickey Bernstein, DDS, AAACD Leadership, strategic planning, communication skills, smile design, case acceptance 1-3 hours, 1-3 hours, 2-6 hours, 2- hours, 3 hours
Mohan Bhuvaneswaran, MDS, AAACD Smile design, composites and ceramic laminates 2 hours
Jerome Cha, DDS, AAACD    
David Chan, DMD, AAACD    
Scott Coleman, DDS, AAACD    
Chris Comfort, DDS, AAACD    
Bruce Crispin, DDS, AAACD    
Kristi Crispin, DMD, AAACD    
Kenneth N. Feiler, DMD, AAACD    
Scott W. Finlay, DDS, FAACD*    
Hugh Flax, DDS, AAACD    
Chiann Fan Gibson, DMD, AAACD Digitalization of your practice using iTero scanner for ortho and restorative  and comprehensive care, Invisalign fundamentals, Invisalign with cosmetic cases   2-5 hours, depending on subject
Jack Griffin, Jr., DMD, AAACD    
Marshall Hanson, DDS, FAACD    
Prashant Hatkar, BDS, MDS, AAACD    
Steve D. Hoofard, CDT, AAACD*    
Edgar Jimenez, FAACD    
Laura Justice, DMD, FAACD    
Michael Karlsten, DDS, AAACD    
Gerard Lemongello, Jr., DMD, AAACD    
Brian LeSage, DDS, FAACD*    
Sal Lotardo, DDS, AAACD*    
Brett Magnuson, DMD, AAACD*    
Mike Malone, DDS, AAACD    
Susan McMahon, DMD, AAACD    
Frank Milnar, DDS, AAACD*    
Doug Milner, DDS, AAACD    
Jeff Morley, DDS, FAACD*    
Adamo Notarantonio, DDS, FAACD*    
Brad Olson, DDS, FAACD* Accreditation Workshop, Fellowship Workshop 3 hours each
Fred Peck, DDS, FAACD Anterior esthetics, both Indirect and direct techniques, smile design, diagnosis, occlusion, treatment options 1/2 day or full day
Chris Ramsey, DMD, AAACD    
Nelson Rego, CDT, AAACD*    
J.A. Reynolds, DDS, AAACD*    
Dwight Rickert, CDT, FAACD    
Jack Ringer, DDS, FAACD Ceramic restorations, smile design, materials, adhesives, composites, cements, ceramis, porcelain laminates 2-4 hours
John Rowe, DDS, AAACD    
Sam S. Sadati, DDS, FAACD    
Troy Schmedding, DDS, AAACD Materials 2-4 hours
Amanda N. Seay, DDS, FAACD Aesthetic dentistry, composite artistry, photography 1/2 day or full day
Michael Sesemann, DDS, FAACD*    
Todd Snyder, DDS, FAACD    
Mark Sowell, DDS, AAACD    
Mary Sue Stonisch, DDS, AAACD    
Ossie Vereen, CDT, MDT, AAACD    
Dennis Wells, DDS, AAACD*    
John Weston, DDS, FAACD* Porcelain veneers, composites 1/2 day or full day
Corky Willhite, DDS, FAACD*    
Marty Zase, DMD, AAACD* Basic adhesive and microdentstiry techniques, zero sensitivity in both bleaching and posterior composites, invisible restorations of fractures incisors, smile design, cementing and opaquing tips, porcelain veneers, diode lasers, new bioactive materials, laboratory communication, fixing errors, natural looking bridges and ovate pontics, patient communication for success. 6-7 hours

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