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AACD Accreditation & Fellowship

AACD Speakers Bureau

Looking for a speaker/educator for your next event?

AACD Accredited/Accredited Fellow Members can provide your group with quality education that is unique with the dental profession and are listed below in orange and blue. The AACD encourages our educators to share their knowledge of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry for the advancement of the art and science of dentistry. Those members listed with an asterisk and highlighted in blue are "sanctioned educators" that are trained to speak to the details of the AACD credentials. These educators are equipped to provide technical expertise to groups seeking Accreditation education. To obtain a credentialing educator, please contact the AACD Credentialing Department at credentialing@aacd.com for more details.

  • Speaker will not state that their lecture is an AACD sponsored, supported, sanctioned, credentialing or official AACD course (unless contracted for a credentialed sanctioned event through AACD)

  • Speaker can use their credentialed logo with their bio

  • Speakers can state their credentialed status

  • Please promote the AACD and the annual scientific session within your presentation, utilizing meeting or marketing footage

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