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June 4, 2020 by AACD Executive Office

By My Social Practice

It’s no secret that patient reviews are powerful and essential for your cosmetic dental practice. Online reviews allow you to build a strong reputation for your practice by giving your patients a chance to tell other people what they think about you, your team, and their experience at your office. 

Patients seeking a cosmetic dentist often rely on online reviews in order to choose a dentist who can cater to their individual needs. Reviews provide a way for your online presence to best represent your practice and establish a foundation of trust before a patient ever walks through your door. 

Online reviews are critical to your practice, but the question is, how can you get more of them? Here are three quick tips on how to acquire online reviews for your cosmetic dental practice.

1. Verbally Ask Your Patient for a Review

Ask your patient for a review once their treatment is complete. Thank your patient for choosing your practice, tell them that you enjoyed treating them, and ask them to review your practice online. Don’t be scared to be genuine and tell them that you are trying to build a more substantial online presence or that your practice has set a goal for a certain number of reviews. You’ll be surprised at how many patients will be more than happy to spread the word about you and your team by leaving an excellent review. Give your patient your business card or text them a link that directs them right to your Google or Facebook reviews page.

2. Create An Email Template

An email template will save you the headache and time of typing out an email for every patient that you'd like to ask for a review. If your patient management software already has a post-appointment follow-up process, you may be able to streamline the process by including a review-request email. Keep your email template short, simple, and direct. Here is a great example,

Hello (name), 

Thank you for being an amazing patient, we loved seeing you and being able to help you in our office.

As you may know, many people check out our online reviews to make sure they can trust us before they make an appointment. We would appreciate it if you could leave us a quick review on our Google or Facebook page.

Click this link to leave your feedback and help other people like you get the help they need in (patient problem). (Include link here)

Thank you for taking time out of your day. We appreciate it!

3. Assign Specific Team Members to Solicit Reviews 

One of the biggest challenges in a busy cosmetic dental practice is simply remembering to ask patients to write a review. We know that your to-do list is long, and it can be easy to let asking for new practice reviews fall to the bottom of that list. 

At the beginning of your day, assign a team member the task of asking the patients they see that day for a review. There is generally a much higher success rate for practices that get specific about who is asking for practice reviews. 

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