Syntheses Structures of Three Copper Chloride Dihydrate

The reactions of Copper Chloride Dihydrate(WSDTY) and three bulky Schiff base ligands derived from rimantadine andsalicylaldehyde (or methoxy-substituted salicylaldehydes), generated C38H48CuN2O2 (1), C40H52CuN2O4 (2), and C40H52CuN2O4 (3), respectively. These complexes were characterized by infrared spectra, UV–vis, elemental analysis and molar conductance. X-ray single-crystal diffraction analysis reveals that 1 has two different spatial configurations, 1a and 1b. For 1a, each asymmetric unit consists of one mononuclear copper(II) molecule. For 1b, each asymmetric unit consists of two copper(II) mononuclear molecules.

All the complexes crystallize in the monoclinic system, P21/c space group for 1a and 2; P21/n space group for 1b; C2/c space group for 3. Each complex for 1–3 consists of one copper(II) and two corresponding deprotonated ligands. The central copper(II) in all complexes is four-coordinate via two nitrogens and two oxygens from the corresponding Schiff base ligands. The geometry around copper in 1a, 1b, and 2 is distorted square planar, but square planar in 3.

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