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AACD President Bakeman Featured as a Trailblazer in Dentistry

February 12, 2020 by AACD Executive Office

"Talking with Women Who Are Forging New Paths in Dentistry," February's Inside Dentistry cover story, features many influential women in dentistry, including AACD President, Elizabeth Bakeman, DDS, FAACD. Discussing women's roles in dentistry as they relate to academics, organized dentistry, dental product companies, and in leadership, Dr. Bakeman details her experience in leadership positions, and how working with other women in dentistry has been crucial to her success.

"Just seeing women in leadership positions opens the door for other women to imagine themselves in leadership positions." -Elizabeth Bakeman, DDS, FAACD

Moving From a Male-Dominated Field Toward a Female Majority

The article outlines the trajectory of women in dentistry, highlighting the 20% influx of women into the industry in the 1970s, and marking the year 2018 when, for the first time in history, more females than males enrolled as dental students in the US. Today, about 32.2 percent of practicing dentists in the United States are women. If trends continue as expected, women will become the majority of US dentists in the next 5-10 years. How will this change things? And how have things already changed for dentists? Author Jackie Syrop mentions that both men and women dentists today expect more work/life balance than their counterparts of previous generations. How will this change as the gender gap continues to close? And how can we be more intentional about gender equality and finding and supporting talented women in dentistry?

"There is nothing like having someone say to you personally, 'I think you should do this because you will grow, and it will be a good thing.' We all need to extend a hand, not only to pull people up but also give them a little push now and then." -Elizabeth Bakeman, DDS, FAACD

Support and Mentoring are Key

Dr. Bakeman cites mentorship as one of the most important ways to support and encourage women in the industry. "There is a group of younger women dentists in my life whom I have been fortunate to know. In the past, I have encouraged several of them, pushing them to grow and celebrate their achievements. They also push and inspire me. It's powerful to have relationships that are mutually enriching, and it's meaningful to have these women in my life." 

The AACD prides itself on its commitment to creating networks for and opening doors to women in dentistry, bringing like-minded dental professionals together in order to encourage excellence in cosmetic dentistry. 

"Three of the last five AACD presidents have been women--something the organization should be proud of and that other dental professional organizations should seek to emulate." -Robert C. Margeas, DDS

The February issue also features a Women in Dentistry: Spotlight on Clinical column that highlights AACD Fellow Member Amanda Seay, DDS, FAACD, and a Women in Dentistry: Spotlight on Industry column that features AACD Accredited Member and past President Laura Kelly. To read the full story in Inside Dentistry, click here

As an international membership association, the AACD is dedicated to advancing excellence in the art and science of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry by providing industry leading continuing dental education, a trusted network of highly skilled professionals, and discounts on products and services. To learn more, click here.

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