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About AACD

AACD Board of Directors (BOD)

There will be seven available positions in 2018.

If you are interested in serving on the BOD, or for any questions, please contact Raechel Resch.

Application submission deadline: December 29, 2017.

Available Positions:

  • Vice President
    • You must be an Accredited member in good standing of the AACD
    • Attended at least two AACD Scientific Sessions before the election
    • Be a member in good standing for two years preceding the election
    • Have served two years in any capacity on the following
      • Board of Directors
      • American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry
      •  Accreditation Chair
      •  Fellowship Chair
  • Two Accredited Members
  • Two General Members
  • One Corporate Representative 
    • Must be an owner or employee of a corporation that provides product or services directly to the dental professional. 
  • One University Representative 
    • Must be a current individual member and must be a full-time faculty member or administrator in an accredited dental school. The individual must have been a member of the University Educators Forum for two years or the University Relations Committee for one year. 

Charge & Primary Duties

The Board of Directors shall:

  • Have supervision, direction and control of the affairs of the Academy
  • Determine its policies, and be accountable for Academy assets
  • Have authority to contract on behalf of the Academy
  • Adopt such rules, policies and procedures for the conduct of business of the Academy as it shall deem advisable
  • Have oversight of the Executive Committee
  • Have authority to establish committees, task forces, commissions and other ad hoc work groups
  • Have authority to indemnify Directors, officers, employees and agents in accordance with law
Click here to view the BOD's guidelines for board commitment

Time Requirements (Variable)

  • Monthly conference calls
  • ​Attend face-to-face meetings (Annual Session, June, October and February Meetings)
    • February 22 - 24, 2018, Chicago, IL
    • June 21 - 23, 2018, Madison, WI
    • October 11 - 13, 2018, Nashville, TN 

Length of Term

Two years

Number of Consecutive Terms


Board Size

15 members including Executive Committee


Leadership Opportunities

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