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Itís Your Turn in the Chair: Study Tips for the AACD Accreditation Written Exam

March 7, 2020 by†AACD Executive Office

Being a successful student often requires learning how to study. As a dental student, you probably devised strategies and methods for studying for your exams based on your learning style, the types of questions you were going to be asked, and the type of material you were studying. Now that youíve registered to take the AACD Accreditation Written Exam*, you may need to brush the dust off of your highlighters and buy some new notecards. Whatever your personal approach to studying may be, we want to offer you some insights into proven methods of studying for the AACD Accreditation Written Exam.

Please contact our Credentialing Department with any questions.

Let us set you up for success with these study tips:

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  • Practice for the real thing with sample exams. Get a feel for the types of questions that will be asked and the material that will be covered by taking online sample exams.
  • Use data to focus your studies. After taking the sample exams, use your results to identify areas you need more work in. Find resources in these recommended study materials to help you develop your knowledge in specific subject matter areas.
  • Purchase and study the†Criteria and Photo Guides.
    There will be questions from both the criteria and photo guides!†
  • Visit AACD CEntral and watch online courses from past scientific sessions. Each scientific session features Accreditation courses on each case type. Here is a selection to get you started:
    • AACD2014 Course L226†- Systems for Predictable Outcomes with the "Smile Design" Case: Accreditation Essentials Case Type I
    • AACD2014 Course L314†- Matching One or Two Indirect Restorations to Natural Dentition: A Focus of Accreditation Case Type II
    • AACD2013 Course L228†- Replacing a Missing Tooth in the Esthetic Zone: A Focus on AACD Accreditation Case Type III

Other more superstitious folks might tell you to also wear your lucky socks and use your lucky Dixon Ticonderoga pencil, but we know that you wonít need any luck if you follow these proven methods for studying for the AACD Accreditation Written Exam.

*Wait, youíre not registered to take the written exam?? Register to take the written exam at one of over 400 Castle Testing Centers worldwide. Otherwise, register to take the written exam at the 37th†Annual AACD Scientific Session in April, 2021.

What are you waiting for? Start your path to excellence in cosmetic dentistry now!

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