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The AACD written exam tests knowledge of cosmetic dentistry. This guide gives information about application, content and fees of the written exam.

The AACD Accreditation Written Examination

The Accreditation Written Examination tests foundational knowledge in cosmetic dentistry. Individuals who are knowledgeable in all phases of cosmetic dentistry are expected to pass the written examination. Failure to pass the written examination indicates that an examinee would likely benefit from further education in cosmetic dentistry prior to attempting the submission of clinical cases. The written examination is administered at the Annual AACD Scientific Session, at Meazure Testing Centers, and at additional dates as directed by the ABCD. The annual scientific session is held in the spring at different locations and is publicized well in advance of the date.

Eligibility for the Written Examination (at the annual meeting or at a testing center)

To be eligible to take the written examination at the next annual scientific session, an application must be completed and the fee paid for the written examination. Meazure Testing Centers serve as a testing site for the Accreditation Written Examination in between August 1 - December 30 of this year.   

Application and Fees

Applications for the written examination are made through the AACD Executive Office. A non-refundable written examination application fee must accompany the application to take the exam. This fee includes the processing of the examination application and one testing appointment.  

$450 (USD) paper-based at the Annual AACD Scientific Session
$725 (USD) computer-based at Meazure Testing Center

Click here for additional information about fees related to taking the exam at a Meazure Testing Center.


If the paper-based written examination is postponed in writing, an administrative fee of $125 (USD) will be required to reschedule to a new paper-based examination. Failure to appear for a paper-based written examination will result in forfeiture of all fees.

If the computer-based written examination is rescheduled or cancelled through the testing vendor, an administrative fee of $50 (USD) will be required to reschedule. Members may reschedule or cancel their computer-based examination up to four (4) business days in advance of the appointment. Failure to appear for a computer-based examination without cancelling or rescheduling within the allotted time will result in forfeiture of all fees. 


Foundational knowledge in cosmetic dentistry includes all disciplines of dentistry with an emphasis on those subjects with a special relevance to aesthetics. Subjects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Understand the Principles of Smile Design
  • Understand Prosthodontic and Restorative Concepts as They Apply to Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Understand Adhesion as it Applies to Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Understand Materials as They Apply to Cosmetic Dentistry 
  • Understand Occlusion as it Applies to Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Understand Interdisciplinary Care as it Applies to Cosmetic Dentistry

Some questions will be included that are based on scenarios of clinical cases concerned with cosmetic dentistry. For a complete list of subject areas, click here.

Type of Examination/Grading

The written examination is a multiple-choice examination. Each question is referenced to a textbook or referred source to ensure its validity. A listing of study materials and sample written examinations are available to help you. The dentist exam consists of 250 questions, the laboratory technician exam has 100 questions. 

In order to have credibility with the dental community, all steps are followed to ensure that the written examination complies with the established rules of testing. A representative of a testing agency is present when the written examination is compiled. The educational testing and measurement consultant is also responsible for grading the written examination and presents the results to the ABCD. For more information contact the AACD Credentialing Department at 800.543.9220.

Sample Examinations

Some questions will be taken from the written examinations each year and will be released in the form of a sample examination. The sample examinations may be purchased here.

Time Limit

There is a five year time limit to complete the entire Accreditation process. The clinical case portion of the Accreditation process must be completed by the expiration of the candidate's written examination. The oral examination must be successfully completed by the oral examination session immediately following the expiration of the candidate's written examination. In order to be fair to all individuals pursuing Accreditation in the AACD, the ABCD has established policy that no waivers or time extensions will be granted within the Accreditation process.

How To Register

Accreditation Written Examinations for Dentists and Laboratory Technicians
The Accreditation Written Examination tests foundational knowledge in cosmetic dentistry. Passing the written examination starts the clock for the five-year timeframe given to fulfill the additional requirements for Accreditation.

To be eligible to take the written examination:

  • Dentist or laboratory technician
  • Completed application and paid all applicable fees prior to beginning the written examination

The next conference written examination will be administered in person during the annual scientific session. You may also take the written examination between August 1 - December 30 at a Meazure Testing Center near you. (**See the Accreditation protocol for annual scientific session meeting attendance requirements.)

  • Pre-registration for the written examination is required.
  • Register for the next Annual AACD Scientific Session
  • Meazure Testing Center availability August 1 - December 30 each year.

"The Accreditation Written Exam was a challenging, but fair test of knowledge that reignited a passion for dentistry that kept growing as the Accreditation process continued." - Adamo E. Notarantonio, DDS, FAACD