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Nominating & Leadership Development Committee (NALDC)

There will be three open positions in 2020. One elected for a three-year term, one appointed for a three-year term and an appointed alternate for a one-year term.  

If you are interested in serving on the NALDC, please contact Lisa Fitch.


Responsibility for seeking out and encouraging future leaders for the Academy and for presenting a slate of one (1) nominee for each national elective position.

Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

  • Leadership Experience
  • Passion for Academy and Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Willingness to commit your time and skills in making the Academy a better place
  • The ability to evaluate candidate applications and separate meaningful and useful information from padded information
  • The ability to evaluate individuals, their understanding of the governance system, and their knowledge of board member responsibilities
  • A thorough working knowledge of governance system of the AACD
  • Member in good standing for two years by the time of election
  • ​You must have attended two AACD Annual Scientific Sessions

Time Requirements

  • Attend monthly NALDC conference calls
  • Attend the Annual Midwinter Meeting in February
  • ​Attend the AACD Scientific Session

Length of Term

6 members will be 3 year terms
2 members will be a 1 year term one of which is the immediate past president

Number of Consecutive Terms


Committee Size


Leadership Opportunities

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