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About AACD

University Relations Committee

If you're interested in serving, please contact Lisa Fitch. 


To increase student, faculty and recent graduate AACD memberships by building relationships with dental schools.  To develop and coordinate AACD university interaction on a global level.

Primary Duties

  • Further AACD’s strategic goals to advance cosmetic dental education and to increase membership by interfacing with universities and their involvement with AACD.
  • Serve as the hub/coordinating arm for AACD university interactions: University Educators Forum, University Outreach, university charitable foundation fundraising efforts, poster session, HEAPS and Apex Award promotion and coordination, and any new university-related concepts.
  • Determine the structure, composition, focus and meeting process of the University Educators Forum
  • Specifically, define the intended benefit to the Academy of relationships with universities which ties in with the program development process
  • Develop criteria, if any, that define eligibility for membership in University Educators Forum

Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

Demonstrated familiarity with dental universities' education curriculum.

Time Requirements

  • Monthly conference calls
  • ​Annual face-to-face meeting at the Scientific Session  

Length of Term

Two years

Committee Size

A minimum of five full-time faculty members  (1) Member ABCD representative